The fastest & easiest way to recharge your muscles

Meet Pro-Performance Recovery System

Meet Pro-Performance Recovery System

We are changing the way the everyday athlete recovers

Get on-demand massage at your fingertips

Get on-demand massage at your fingertips

Massages are costly and hard to schedule for when you need it the most. With the Speed Hound Pro Performance Recovery System, you can get on-demand massage whenever you want. This investment pays for itself in less than 10 sessions, and will keep paying dividends.

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Everything you need, nothing you don't

Everything you need, nothing you don't

  • Adjustable compression of 20-200mmHg, more than two times the range compared to others
  • Compression zones that can be individually turned on/off, allow for targeted massage
  • Two modes: Recovery Flush and Therapeutic Massage
  • 4 compression zones to avoid uncomfortable pressure on your knees
  • Clinical grade system that is rigorously tested and cleared by the FDA
Intuitive Interface

Intuitive Interface

The Pro-Performance Recovery System has the simplest interface out there. The two button start gets you on your way to recovery. No apps to download and no bluetooth to troubleshoot.

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Trusted by the pros

Trusted by the pros

The Speed Hound Pro Performance Recovery System was developed to help all athletes achieve their #missionpossible. Learn about what our pros have to say about the recovery system on the pro athlete page.

Hear what our customers have to say

I've had these for a few years now and I love them! The pressure to me is more than the competitors, but that is precisely the reason I like it so much. It's simple and pretty portable for your destination races.

I bought this system for my sons who are athletes, basketball and track. They swear by the positive results they get from using what is referred to by us as "the legs". They help provide the recovery to perform between games and practices. We love this system. I ended up buying one for my dad when he turned 80 because he suffers from poor circulation. Usually before he gets out of bed in the morning, we put "the legs" on him.

I'm a discus thrower and having access to compression boots in college was great but I needed to get my own for when I moved on to compete professionally. I searched all over for the best pair (price, reliability, features) and settled on Speed Hound. Best decision! I'm so impressed with the product and use it just about everyday. I even take it with me when I travel to meets. Thank you Speed Hound!!!

I LOVE my Speed Hound system. As a working mom, marathoner, and triathlete, I relish the moments each day (and particularly after my harder runs or rides), to sit and use my recovery system. It is by far my favorite part of the day to relax, recovery, read, or catch up on news and email. I've had my system for several years and Speed Hound definitely aided in rapid recovery during heavy marathon training that got me to multiple Boston qualifying marathons. Highly recommend! Thanks Speed Hound!!!

Love to use these in the evening winding down from a big day of training or working. Gets the legs feeling fresh again and is super relaxing! Helps keep the body loose when I need it and can target specific areas with the different attachments. Zero doubt that the recovery system will last for a long time with the durable construction too!

I'm 21 weeks pregnant with our third kiddo and still training 4-x/week. I've been using Speed Hound to reduce symptoms of venous insufficiency (an extremely annoying pregnancy complication). Even after PT and wearing compression socks for 22 hours/day, the Speed Hound is the only thing that has brought consistent - and significant - relief from the symptoms. It has been so, so awesome and I've told everyone (including my midwife!) about Speed Hound.

The recovery system has been a key tool in my training and post race routine. It helps to flush out my achy muscles, lactic acid and any fluid retention I may have. Plus it feels AMAZING! It’s the best way to spend the evening on the couch recouping from a hard training day and getting ready for the next. It has made a world of difference in how my legs bounce back the next day.

These recovery boots are truly one of the best investments I've made, both in my training and personal life. It's amazing how much quicker I can bounce back from the quick workouts and wake up feeling refreshed each day instead of tired and sore. They are just as perfect after a tough bike ride as they are after a long day on your feet. My family loves them too! One of the coolest features is the zip in fabric extension strip that comes with the boots, allowing everyone in my family to fit into one size, regardless of their body shape or size. I got the long and they fit everyone in my family from 5'5" to 6'3". These boots have totally changes my recovery game, and I can't imagine life without them! I will soon be adding the hips and arms to my toolbox to make sure my body is ready for the next adventure.

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Marseah D.
Elena B.
Rachel R.
Adam Feigh Pro Triathlete
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Jordan B Pro triathlete