Peak Race Series p/b Speed Hound Announced
August 29, 2022

Peak Race Series p/b Speed Hound Announced

The team at Speed Hound are proud to present an all new race series to the Zwift platform. Following the success of the Woofpack Social ride, we will now be adding the Peak Race Series to the Speed Hound Zwift rides. The goal of the Peak Race Series is to help riders hit their peak fitness, and achieve their #missionpossible.

Our goal is to eventually create a collection of events that help riders improve their fitness and skills. Whether it’s a racing podcast ride, ultra-endurance race, or a short sprint race. The Peak Race Series is the first of the collection. A short 20-30 minute race ending on a short climb or KOM. Some finishes that you can expect to see are finishes atop the Leg Snapper, Watopia KOM, and Crit City Prime segment. As with most races, these races will use category enforcement, and they will have Zwift Power results. For more details on the rules, refer to the event descriptions. Races will be happening every Friday at 7:15 AM PDT, or 14:15 UTC. These events start on the 2nd of September, and can be found via the Zwift Companion app.

Every week there will be a new route for riders to tackle. Most of these routes will have a custom finish, and a custom set of power ups. The best way to check these details is to view the race description on either the Zwift Companion app, or the Zwift website. For those looking to sign up online, the best way to do so is by using this link: This will show a complete list of Speed Hound events happening in the next 7 days. 

The races will also be recorded and posted on the ZRace Central YouTube channel. This will include an analysis and commentary of either the A or B category. We can’t wait for this new series to start, and we hope you all enjoy it!