Zwift Releases Neokyo Makuri Islands Expansion
November 23, 2021

Zwift Releases Neokyo Makuri Islands Expansion

Background info

Just a few days ago Zwift dropped their monthly update which contained the Neokyo expansion of Makuri Islands. Want to know whether your app is up to date? Be sure you have Zwift version 1.19 installed on your device. To read more about the update, head over to the forums thread: Zwift first released information about this new expansion in their roadmap for this season on Zwift. Zwift had also been releasing teasers for the weeks prior to launch. The Neokyo expansion is full of bright Neon roads and decorations throughout the new tarmac. The word Neokyo means “New capital city”. Riders also associate Neo with neon, which makes the name work perfectly with the neon city.


The update contains 8 new routes that are opened to the public, with one more route that is event-only for the time being. Zwift will continue to add new routes with the monthly game releases(usually around the 10th-20th of each month) similar to what they did with the Yumezi part of Makuri Islands. This vibrant neon city contains a few memorable items/places. The Neokyo expansion connects to Yumezi via a short tunnel on the far right side of Neokyo. This includes the Neo Arcade, Makuri Tower, Holo Avenue(a road filled with all sorts of decorations), and the Neon food trucks! If you are looking to ride all of the different roads in Neokyo, ride the Neokyo All-Nighter route. This route covers all four sprint segments and the KOM segment. This route also goes through all of the notable land marks listed above. There are a ton more hidden easter eggs throughout the new routes, leave a comment below with what you find!

For more details on each of the routes, head over to these links:


Events/Badge Hunt Series

Zwift is currently allowing meetups on the new roads, along with club events, and a few event organizers are beginning to have the option. Zwift is also hosting their own Neokyo Badge Hunt series, in which you can unlock a Neokyo themed kit, helmet, and shoes. You can register for the series by signing up on the drop in screen(Shown in the image below), or by completing any of the stages. For a complete list of events in the Neokyo badge hunt series: For a list of upcoming events on Makuri Islands routes, head over to this link:

So What’s next?

Zwift plans to continue expanding the Makuri Islands, eventually making it a hub world like Watopia. These expansions take time, especially because of all the little details that the game designers put into the roads. If you look at the map of the Makuri Islands carefully, you will see that there are numerous little offshoots, and construction blocking signs that you can see when riding through Yumezi. Riders have noticed that you can see Mt. Fuji in the distance, or what looks like Mt. Fuji. I assume that an expansion with a pretty big climb will be coming, but not for another 6 months or so. Meanwhile, Zwifters have lots to look forward to. The new homescreen UI should begin to roll out beginning mid-end December, and clubs is currently available upon request, with public release coming soon. Tour de Zwift will also be coming at its usual time, January.

Enjoy the new Neokyo routes!