Frequently Asked Questions

How does this system work?

This system consists of a control unit, an anatomical attachment, and a carrying case. The control unit has an air compressor which pumps air through four air pockets into the attachments which then inflate and provide a soothing massage to your body. This system has been approved by the FDA to reduce swelling and soreness in your legs and other body parts.

How is Speed Hound different from other brands?

  • In summary, it’s ADJUSTABILITY and VALUE.
  • Both of these systems are great and will serve the same function. However, there are some important differences that make Speed Hound the MOST ADJUSTABLE SYSTEM on the market:
    • Pressure: Pressure is a very individualized thing and your preference may also change depending on how you’re feeling day to day. This is why we designed a system to provide the widest range of pressure out there from 20mmHg - 200mmHg.
    • Massage Modes: Speed Hound system offers two massage modes. Mode A is therapeutic mode where each zone will turn on and off sequentially. Mode B is a recovery mode where each zone will turn on and then stay on while compression starts in the next zone. This continues until all four zones are inflated; they then will all release at the same time before starting the next cycle.
    • Zone toggles: each of the anatomical attachments are divided into four zones. Different from Normatec, each zone can be turned on and off individually, allowing you to target your recovery or avoid areas that may have experienced a recent injury.
    • Adjustability: Our system is designed to allow adjustments on the fly. During your recovery session, you are able to adjust pressure, zones, massage modes, and session time all without stopping your session.

Why is your price so low?

We are able to keep prices low by using a direct to athlete model. By streamlining the distribution, we are able to offer the best prices to the end user and be able to provide support and service when necessary.

What is your recommendation on using the system?

  • There are two common ways to use the system:

    • Recovery: Within 3 hours of a hard workout, there will often be swelling and soreness in your extremities. Use mode B (recovery mode) for 30-45 minutes at the desired pressure followed by 15-20 minutes of mode A (therapeutic massage) to relax your muscles. You can repeat this recovery session 3-4 hours later (for example, right before bed), if desired.

    • Warm-up: Prior to your training, you can use mode A (therapeutic massage) to increase blood flow to your muscles, priming them for your training session.

Do you have a place where I can try this?

There are a growing number of cryotherapy and physical therapy clinics that use Speed Hound. Give them a call and ask about it. If you are not able to find a location nearby, we encourage you to purchase a system and try it for 45 days so you can see how it can help you on a daily basis.

What is your return policy?

We have a 60 day happiness guarantee. When you receive your system, we ask that you use it as much as possible to make sure you have the right fit and get an idea of how this can help you in your recovery. If after 60 days, you are not satisfied with the results or the value you are getting, we will gladly take this back via a free return and provide a full refund. If you’re not happy, we don’t want to take your money!

What is your warranty?

  • We provide a 2 year warranty. If anything goes wrong during this time, we will take care of you. After this period, contact us and we will do our best to help you.
  • We also provide full coverage of the system against any accidental damage for 2 years. If your puppy chewed up the hoses, we'll replace it! No other brand does this.

Who else is using this?

This system is being used by professional athletes, elite athletes, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and cryotherapy spas. Athletes who are using this represent a wide range of sports including triathletes, runners, cyclists, spartan competitors, martial arts, basketball, football, tennis players, healthcare professionals, motocross racers to name a few.

Is this FDA approved?

Yes. The Speed Hound Pro-Performance Recovery System is designated as a Class II and is an FDA approved Medical Device indicated for the relief of muscle aches and pains and for increase in circulation to the treated areas by simulating kneading and stroking of tissues.

What is speed hound?

Speed Hound is an endurance sports brand started by an Ironman athlete 10 years ago to help age group athletes achieve their potential in sport and in life. We design products that meet the demands of elite athletes but are priced within reach of the everyday athlete. Our values are centered around customer service and community service.