Athlete Page: Rosie Brennan


Nickname: Rosie

Home Base: Anchorage, AK

I'm a Professional Triathlete living and training out of Grand Junction, CO focusing on the Full distance and any other crazy endurance events that pop up on the calendar. When not training intense-long hours, I enjoy spending time with my family which consists of my wife Rebekah, our daughter Charleigh, and two dogs Hercules and Riley. I also pick up shifts working as an Operating Room Nurse at the local trauma center which adds some spice to my non-training time.

I began triathlon back in 2011 solidly in the middle of the pack in a sprint distance triathlon at the University of South Carolina, my alma mater. Every year has seen growth since then, eventually leading to racing Professionally starting in 2016. My best results so far include top-5 performances at Eagleman 70.3, IRONMAN Chattanooga, and IRONMAN Wisconsin while maintaining working as a full-time travel nurse around the country. I now am able to focus on training without full-time work demands, and am excited for the opportunities that the return to racing will bring in 2021 and beyond! What I lack in natural talent I've made up for with a relentless work ethic and doing the small things right for years and years. And it helps that I absolutely love Swim, Bike, and Run!


2018 Olympian

2x World Cup Winner

4x World Championship Team member

7 World Cup Podiums

Q & A

  • Favorite way to cross-train: I love running and if snow wasn't so fun to play on, I would do a lot more running races.
  • If you have an extra day every week, how would you spend it? I love cooking and baking and of course sharing that food with friends.
  • Favorite workout: Call me a glutton for punishment, but I love hard interval training. VO2 Max intervals are my favorite, somewhere in the 4-5 minute range.
  • Favorite post-workout/post-race meal: Almost every post-workout begins with a muffin. They are so fun to make with all kinds of good ingredients and are perfectly portable. But when it comes to a full meal, it's hard to beat Alaskan salmon and something chocolate.
  • Things I can’t live without: my teddy bear, chocolate, mountains

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