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Introducing The Pro Percussion Gun

Introducing The Pro Percussion Gun

Through on-demand targeted muscle relief, the Pro Percussion Gun helps you take your recovery to the next level. Our percussion gun is designed to provide powerful percussion therapy helping you recover faster, train harder, and #crushtomorrow. Featuring 6 different attachments and 6 different speeds to suit your needs.

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The Skinny


Love to use these in the evening winding down from a big day of training or working. Gets the legs feeling fresh again and is super relaxing! Helps keep the body loose when I need it and can target specific areas with the different attachments. Zero doubt that the recovery system will last for a long time with the durable construction too!

My work is very active, as is my training schedule. The Speed Hound Recovery boots have allowed me to balance these aspects of my life so my legs aren’t totally destroyed by the end of the day. The ability to choose so many different pressure settings as well as focus on specific zones is awesome. The system is not only more advanced than others I have tried, but also more affordable. It truly feels like I’ve gotten a massage every time I use them, and the hip attachments have kept a piriformis injury from getting too serious. Definitely a must have for anyone who leads an active lifestyle!

I ended up coming back to this company to purchase again today because the product is so good - and the customer service is just excellent. Daughter getting ready to go back to college, son saying he needs her Speed Hounds. Both club soccer players training hard over the summer. I am an avid gym three of us have been using this daily since my purchase several weeks ago. This product is so good and benefits our recoveries so well...we had to buy another. Thank you for making such a quality product at a very reasonable price...and for standing behind your brand with great customer experience both times! :)

I've always wanted compression boots. I have probably tried every brand throughout different race expo events and Speed Hound is superior! Speed Hound offers the highest compression pressure available, comes with a travel case and leg width expander, and has great customer service. My favorite part about these boots is once I put them on, I get 30 minutes to myself to drink a recovery drink and relax. Not only are these boots great for the body but they are also great for the mind!

Adam Feigh
Lizzie Nyitray
B Leigh
Johnny Aboud