Our Story

From my early years as a runner (30 years ago) to now a triathlete, there have been many humbling lessons in my journey. I've continued to race marathons and triathlons because it is a constant reminder that there are no shortcuts in life.  When you are willing to push beyond self-imposed limits in sport and in life, anything is possible.  For me, what started out as a drive to chase a PR turned into a breakthrough in my attitude and in my thinking which breathed new energy into every aspect of my life.  Hence, I've made it my personal mission to help others achieve more through endurance sports.

Why Speed Hound?

I started Speed Hound out of my own passion to help other age group athletes like myself.  There's a certain mental, financial, and information hurdle that put the sport out of reach of many and this is what I'd like to solve for.  Speed Hound is a brand that celebrates the determination and mission of an age grouper.  Our products are designed to meet the demands of an elite athlete, yet within reach of the everyday athlete.  As our customer, we will strive to provide the best customer experience that we ourselves expect.  

Our values are centered around authenticity and giving back to the community.  We are looking to support individuals and organizations that also have a greater mission.  We believe it is possible to have a business with a double bottom line - a win for the athlete and for the business.  

With this, I wanted to build a business with a double bottom line, profitable and charitable. This fulfills my goal of "doing well" and "doing good" with Speed Hound, and anything that I spend the rest of my life on.

I hope you will find this to be a place full of inspiration, community, curated knowledge, and products that will help you achieve great things.

I always enjoy hearing other triathlete's stories, experiences, challenges and learnings.  If you have any ideas or suggestions for us, I would love to hear from you!  Please get in touch with me below.

What is your mission?  What would you like to achieve?



Chief Hound

email: sam@thespeedhound.com