Our Mission: Impact Beyond Athletics

There's no question that Speed Hound products are designed to help you take your sport to a new level.  But beyond athletic achievements, giving back to the community is mission critical to us at Speed Hound.  Each year, we identify and support causes that are in need of resources and also help them spread their word.  A portion of profits from each sale at Speed Hound goes to making these #MissionPossible.  If you are aware of missions that are in need, please get in touch with us at support@thespeedhound.com - we are here to help!


The Wingman Foundation

The Wingman Foundation's mission is to honor the sacrifices of our fallen heroes and support the families they've left behind.  The foundation is an all-volunteer, veteran-founded non-profit organization dedicated to providing immediate post-mishap support for the Navy and Marine Corps Aviation community and their families. In addition to providing immediate support, TWF is also proud to ensure our fallen heroes are never forgotten and the loved ones they leave behind are always supported.  You can read more about TWF here


Breakaway Cycling Team

Breakaway Cycling is a non-profit 501 c(3) with a mission to grow the community and serve demographics that are underserved including youth and women. Our programs aim to eliminate barriers, teach life skills that will translate to the real world, provide education and empowerment that will keep individuals healthy for life, and generate a full circle program that shows the importance of building community to foster future volunteers and community leaders.  The women in Breakaway Cycling Team are very successful as competitors but show one can achieve great things through hard work and self-perseverance. The women’s program will pave the way for young girls and be the first to show and encourage the girls in our community that they can reach higher and achieve great things in life. Cycling is used to teach this, and we continuously relate this to the real world.  To learn more about Breakaway Cycling's mission to develop, empower, and produce well rounded individuals, click here.