Low inventory alert! Get the Recovery boots before they are out of stock!

Low inventory alert! Get the Recovery boots before they are out of stock!

Speed Hound ProPerformance Recovery Boots System

Turbocharge your Recovery with the touch of a button

Accelerate your recovery and #crushtomorrow with the Speed Hound ProPerformance Recovery System.  Provides on-demand, dynamic air pressure that massages your legs after an intense workout so you're fresher and ready to take on tomorrow.


  • More adjustable than other brands: Wide range of pressure settings (20mmHg - 250mmHg), On/off toggle for different parts of legs, Flush and Massage mode, Time settings of 10-30 minutes
  • Premium Quality: Attachments are made of high quality material that's durable, lightweight and easy to clean
  • Want to try? FULL REFUND & FREE returns within 45 days of purchase - If you're not happy, we don't want your money!
  • Peace of mind: We've got you covered in case anything comes up with the system!

February 15 Update: We are very low on stock for the "long" size - get it before it runs out!

Here is what our athletes are saying:

  • "These boots scream quality and attention to detail!"
  • "Much quieter than other brands I've tried!  Now I can watch TV without cranking up the volume."
  • "This is the pro's secret to not being sore the next day and getting back out for more training."
  • "I have an active family and everyone became immediately hooked.  We are all fighting for it!"
  • "Love the ability to change settings during the recovery session/on the fly"

Ordering details: If your inseam is 30" or more, choose size "long".  If inseam is 29" or less, choose the "medium" size.

Comes with: Padded travel case, control unit, pair of leg attachments, width expansion sleeves, extra o-rings, instruction manual, and years of on-demand recovery massage!

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