ProPerformance Recovery System

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Fresher Legs and Faster Recovery in 30 Minutes or Your Money Back!

For Active Adults and Athletes Who Demand the Best

Are you a sports enthusiast, military professional, driver, construction worker, or healthcare professional struggling with muscle soreness and fatigue? The Speed Hound ProPerformance Recovery System is designed to provide immediate relief and help you bounce back faster. Try it risk-free for 60 days with our money-back guarantee!

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"These recovery boots are truly one of the best investments I've made, both in my training and personal life. It's amazing how much quicker I can bounce back from the workouts and wake up feeling refreshed each day instead of tired and sore. My family loves them too!"


"I bought this system for my sons who are athletes, basketball and track. They swear by the positive results they get from using what is referred to by us as "the legs". They help provide the recovery to perform between games and practices. We love this system. I ended up buying one for my dad when he turned 80 because he suffers from poor circulation. Usually before he gets out of bed in the morning, we put "the legs" on him."

better than the competitors

I've had these for a few years now and I love them! The pressure to me is more than the competitors, but that is precisely the reason I like it so much. It's simple and pretty portable for your destination races. I've used them almost everyday since then, and sometimes more than once a day. They help with recovery and help refresh the legs. They're also relaxing. I can read or watch TV while resting.

Why you need it

Why you need it

Real Recovery. In as little as 30 minutes.
Improve the way you feel with the world class recovery system that goes wherever you do. No matter if it’s a killer workout or a day on your feet, Speed Hound gives your body the relief it needs.

Our clinical grade system is cleared by the FDA.

Take control of your recovery

Take control of your recovery

We have the easiest system to use and the most important customizations to give you just the right recovery you need.

  • Intuitive interface with all controls at your fingertips.
  • No apps to download, no bluetooth to troubleshoot.
  • Two massage modes available: Recovery Flush and Therapeutic Massage.
  • Four compression zones that can be individually turned on/off, allowing you to target your therapy or avoid certain areas.
The Fastest way to recharge your legs

The Fastest way to recharge your legs


Here is what makes Speed Hound different:

  • More customizable than other brands: The Speed Hound Recovery System offers a wide range of pressures, helping you find  (20mmHg - 200mmHg), On/off toggle for different parts of legs, Flush and Massage mode, Time settings of 10-30 minutes
  • Premium Quality: Attachments are made of high quality medical grade material that's durable, lightweight and easy to clean
  • Peace of mind: We've got you covered in case anything comes up with the system! Ironclad 2 year protection included.
  • FDA approved: Rigorously tested and cleared as a class II medical device to reduce muscle soreness and swelling.

If your height is 5'5" or taller (or inseam is 30" or more), choose size "long". If your height is 5'4" or shorter (or inseam is 29" or less), choose the "medium" size. Most men are size "long".

Warranty/Return Policy

Want to try? We offer a 60 Days Happiness Guarantee. We have a generous return/exchanges policy:

  • Shipping on size exchanges are free
  • Returns within 60 days will be eligible for the full price of the purchase. (We do not charge a restocking fee of 7.5% that other brands do)
  • Shipping on initial purchase is not refundable.

For complete frequently asked questions, head to our FAQ page

Do you ship outside the US?

We ship to addresses in the US directly and Canada through a logistics partner. However, we don't ship outside of these two countries because of difficulties in size exchanges, returns, and issues with import customs. Purchase from Canada here:

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In the Box


  • Padded travel case
  • Control unit
  • A pair of leg attachments
  • Width expansion sleeves
  • Instruction manual
  • Years of on-demand recovery massage!

Here's what our athletes are saying:

  • "The higher pressure, zone toggles, and massage modes make this a completely different system than others!"
  • "This recovery system scream quality and attention to detail!"
  • "The wide range of pressure gives me the right amount of compression where I need it the most!"
  • "Comes with everything I need, including a case!"
  • "Much quieter than other brands I've tried! Now I can watch TV without cranking up the volume."
  • "This is the pro's secret to not being sore the next day and getting back out for more training."
  • "I have an active family and everyone became immediately hooked. We are all fighting for it!"