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November 26, 2021

Cycling 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Speed Hound ProPerformance Recovery System

The Speed Hound recovery system is the best way to recover between workouts and races. We are currently having our Black Friday Cyber Monday deal, you can purchase the system at this link: The Speed Hound ProPerformance Recovery System. Don’t miss out on the lowest price of the year on the Speed Hound recovery system!

Strava Subscription

Most cyclists know about Strava. If it isn’t on strava, it didn’t happen. Strava is a training tool to help you analyze your post ride data, speed, cadence, power, elevation, and more. Strava is also a social media platform for athletes(Triathletes, cyclists, runners, swimmers, and more). One very popular feature that Strava has is segments. Riders can create segments where you can compete to have the KOM of the segment. You can use strava to track your rides, runs, walks, and more. Strava subscription sign up. Strava also offers a free version that does not have all of the fancy data, but works for most athletes.


Helmets are an essential part of cycling, and can also look pretty cool. Some of the highest end helmets can sense if you crash, and can send notifications to family members. One helmet that is well rated is the Lazer Blade helmet with MIPS. The helmet is currently on sale at Competitive cyclist.

Bike computer

Bike computers are very popular devices among cyclists. Some use it for navigation, some use it to track their rides, and some use it for training. Bike computers can cost around $50-600 depending on which one you get. Most bike computers can upload data to strava and other apps like training peaks. Some very popular bike computers are the Garmin Edge 130 plus(Lower end, but still have tons of features - $200), Garmin edge 530(Mid range - $300), Wahoo Elemnt Bolt(Mid range - $300), Garmin edge 830(High end with touchscreen - $400). Many riders want to know which is better, the Garmin edge 530, or the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt. There is no clear answer, it all depends on what you want, features or simplicity/ease of use.

Tail Light

Bike lights are a must have for cyclists, the world is a dangerous place… Bike lights can be anywhere from $20-200. Higher end lights are often smart lights, some can sense when you are stopped based on your data from a bike computer, others can sense whether there are cars behind you, and can notify you via your bike computer or phone. One of the highest end bike lights is the Garmin Varia. The Garmin Varia can pair to your compatible bike computer, and will show a small road with the cars that are approaching. One light for riders who just want a light that will get the job done is the Cygolite Hypershot 250. This light is very bright and has great battery life. I highly recommend looking into this light.

Power Meter

Power meters are a very popular investment for serious riders/racers, and amongst recreational riders. Power meters cost around $300-1200+, so it is a pretty big investment. Keep in mind that there are only a few apps that can pair to power meters. The easiest way to use a power meter is with a compatible watch or bike computer. Some of the best power meter pedals are the Favero Assiomas. One of the best crank based power meters are the Stages power meters. These are currently on sale for up to 30% off. The single sided crank costs around $200-300. Head over to the stages site to shop the sale.