New Product Launch: A Guide to Our Pro Percussion Gun
June 27, 2022

New Product Launch: A Guide to Our Pro Percussion Gun

Targeted massage therapy is one of the best ways to treat your muscles after an intense workout. But, it’s also an effective method for preventing muscle soreness overall. The bottom line here, you need a percussion gun in your life. 

Our brand new, Pro Percussion Gun is a highly portable tool that allows you to treat your muscles with percussion therapy. We created this percussion massager to prepare muscles before a workout but also enhance recovery efforts post-workout. It can also be used at any time to treat regular muscle soreness.

The Pro Percussion Gun is customizable and made to fit your recovery needs. If you’re interested in adding percussion therapy to your recovery efforts or in learning more about why percussion guns are the next best thing, you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading for our guide to the new Pro Percussion Gun. 

Why Percussion Therapy Works

Your muscles work hard for you. Sure, they complain sometimes, but for the most part, they treat you right. The occasional massage or foam roller or cupping session does work wonders, but regular myofascial treatments keep muscles loose. This means less injury risk during your workouts or races, and even less strain from everyday activities. 

Percussion therapy with a percussion gun uses quick, tapping motions with varying pressure and speed to target specific muscles and connective tissue. Because percussion guns are small, handheld devices, you can pinpoint exact areas that need help and really zero in on just that spot. 

Just a few minutes in affected areas can relieve tension and tight muscles. But, when used properly, a percussion gun can also activate muscles before any activity. Again, injury prevention… It's a wonderful thing!

Percussion guns also work to increase blood flow. This is indeed a huge benefit for pre-fitness warmups, but also just great for overall wellness. Increased blood flow is always a good thing! Proper blood flow promotes a healthy heart and prevents diseases. 

How to Use a Percussion Gun

Remember, you’re adding percussion therapy to your existing routine. It shouldn’t replace your usual stretching or other components of your pre/post workout priming or mobilization. When you use the right percussion gun you can reap all the benefits in right around five minutes of treatment. 

Generally, 30-60 seconds is the right amount of time to spend on each area before or after (or both) your workout. You don’t want to spend too long in one spot, that’s just going to add soreness. But, not enough time won’t have the same benefits. It’ll be up to you to find the sweet spot in that timeframe. 

Of course, areas that are more sore will require a little extra time, while those that are just needing a quick once-over won’t need nearly as much time. But no less than 30 seconds, no more than 60, is a good rule of thumb. Once you’ve used your percussion gun a few times you’ll get used to the feeling and you’ll be able to adapt your routine accordingly. 

Post Workout Percussion Treatment

Your muscles just got a heavy dose of oxygen during that last workout, so when you stop, they’re not receiving the same flow… and they don’t love that. Keep your muscles happy with just under a minute of targeted percussion therapy to each major muscle area. This keeps the oxygen coming, so muscles can recover in their own time. 

Pre Workout Percussion Treatment

Muscles are tight before you work out, especially in cold weather. You probably have already learned the hard way, that tight muscles lead to lots of soreness down the road, and worse, even injuries. To prevent strains, sprains, and other soreness, work your muscles with a percussion gun. For pre-workout percussion treatment, stick to a shorter time frame. 

When Not to Use a Percussion Gun

If you’re already injured, don’t use a percussion gun without checking in with your doctor. Also, this might go without saying, but skip any areas that have burns, scrapes, cuts, or even bruises. Because, ouch! Percussion guns deliver quick little jabs to the area, and that would not feel nice. It can also add more time to your recovery mission, so just don’t do it. 

It’s also important to not overuse your percussion gun in one area. This will add more muscle pain, something that we’re trying to avoid in the first place. 

Using the Pro Percussion Gun

Taking your percussion therapy on the road has never been easier, thanks to our Pro Percussion Gun and its long-lasting battery life. Just finished your morning swim? Your Pro Percussion Gun fits right in your gym bag. Wrapped up your fifth tri for the season? The Pro Percussion Gun doesn’t need a cord and outlet to start the recovery process. Done running errands with the wild kids? You guessed it… just keep your Pro Percussion Gun in the car for a few minutes of much-needed R & R. It truly is a tool for everyone to use anywhere!

Many percussion guns have a couple of settings to choose from, but our’s has six settings. Yes, six! You can customize your percussion treatment depending on what you need at that very moment. Post-race recovery might call for a higher setting, while your nightly calf massage might need something a little more gentle. With the Pro Percussion Gun, you’re fully in control. 

Inside the travel case that comes with your Pro Percussion Gun, you’ll find six interchangeable heads for your percussion gun. These are easy to swap out and use to deliver a more targeted hit. This percussion gun has a 12 mm amplitude, so you can access deeper points or more broad areas when you swap out the heads. 

Add Percussion Therapy to Your Fitness Routine

It might sound too good to be true, but you really can increase your blood flow, release muscle tension, and prevent possible injury with just one, easy-to-use tool. And, our Pro Percussion Gun comes with the Ironclad two year protection you’ve already grown to know and love from all of us at Speed Hound. Visit our website to shop our Pro Percussion Gun, and other products to help boost your recovery game!