Speed Hound to Partner with DNA Pro Cycling
May 10, 2022

Speed Hound to Partner with DNA Pro Cycling

Menlo Park, CA (May 10th, 2022)- There’s a new dynamic duo in the pro cycling world, with The Speed Hound partnering with DNA Pro Cycling as the recovery sponsor. DNA Pro Cycling heads into their 10th year as a women’s cycling team, with continued cycling success in road, gravel, and mountain bike races.

The 11-woman transcontinental squad has riders from five different countries, including New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, Colombia, and the United States. While the DNA team makes their way through the 2022 season, The Speed Hound will be at every finish line, helping these athletes recuperate with on-demand, dynamic air compression via the Pro Performance Recovery System

Catherine Fegan-Kim, co-owner of DNA Pro Cycling, is looking forward to partnering with Speed Hound

“Our riders love the addition of The Speed Hound boots to our team’s travel gear! We have a lot of multi-day events (such as UCI stage races) where we use the boots at the end of each day to increase blood flow and reduce muscle soreness. We also have a lot of one-day events where we fly in, race, and then fly out the next day – The Speed Hounds boots are essential to speed recovery and help keep the legs loose on travel days.” 

There’s no question that the women of DNA Pro Cycling are familiar with the daily grind that comes with professional cycling, so maximizing recovery efforts is an absolute must. Using compression boots to encourage blood flow and increase circulation helps reduce muscle and joint soreness while preventing future injury.

The Speed Hound is focused on making top-tier, state-of-the-art recovery systems accessible to all athletes, whether they’re on the road or at home. Riders with DNA Pro Cycling travel worldwide, racing in Harlem, NY and Ardeche, France… and just about everywhere in between. The size and durability of Speed Hound’s recovery system make it an ideal travel companion for the DNA Pro Cycling team as they navigate the globe.

The Speed Hound recovery system comes in various sizes for a more customized fit, making it the ideal choice for an entire team. Because the ProPerformance Recovery System offers more adjustable settings than other models, each rider will be able to experience the full benefits from the recovery system tailored to her individual recovery needs. From increased circulation to a boost in muscle restoration, DNA Pro Cycling athletes will have access to the full system, including compression boots, as well as hip and arm attachments.

According to Sam Chi, founder and CEO of Speed Hound Endurance, the partnership with DNA Pro Cycling is a perfect fit

“Our partnership with DNA Pro Cycling is a match made in heaven. Our recovery products are designed to meet the demands of the most extreme use cases, including professional multi-stage cycling races that these women are participating in. I look forward to seeing the team build on a successful season in 2021 with over 20 podium finishes.”

About DNA Pro Cycling

DNA Pro Cycling is currently in its 10th year as a women’s cycling program. Founded by female racers wanting to support each other in domestic racing, DNA has since grown into a UCI international team with the ongoing mission to promote a positive impact on women’s competitive cycling. The team races road, gravel, and mountain bikes.

About Speed Hound

Founded in 2016 by Ironman triathlete and physical therapist Sam Chi, The Speed Hound is a California-based sports performance company with a mission to unleash the potential of everyday athletes by providing professional quality products at accessible price points.

Over 100,000 customers trust the broad categories of The Speed Hound products, including recovery tools, performance apparel, and swimming and cycling equipment. The flagship recovery product is the Pro Performance Recovery System, which accelerates muscle recovery through dynamic compression in a package that is highly customizable and easy to use.

This system is used by professional athletes, physical therapists, chiropractors, athletic trainers, coaches, teams, and of course, everyday athletes. Visit The Speed Hound website for more information and be part of our journey by following us on Instagram.