The 2022 Speed Hound Gift Guide for the Everyday Athlete in Your Life
December 18, 2022

The 2022 Speed Hound Gift Guide for the Everyday Athlete in Your Life

Tis the season to be gifting! As the holidays inch closer and closer, your time to shop for the perfect gift is running out. Don't let the ticking sound of the giving season clock send you into a flurry of panic. We've got you covered. 

If you're on the hunt for the perfect gift for someone who already has everything, or you want to show off your prime gifting skills, we're here to help. We've done our research and asked all the right people for their input to compile the ultimate 2022 gift guide for the everyday athlete in your life. Stick around and keep reading. 

Our Favorite Gift That Doesn't Require Wrapping Paper

We all have that person we know and love, but they're impossible to shop for. But this year, you're going to do it. You're going to surprise them with something they haven't bought. And something they're not even expecting!

Gifting Hincapie Gran Fondo entry is the holiday present of a lifetime. Who won't love the gift of riding through the Blue Ridge Mountains at the height of autumn, with a backdrop of leaves changing colors? The entire event, ride and all, is one of those gifts that keeps on giving… and won't end up in someone's basement collecting dust. 

It's also environmentally friendly- no gift wrap needed. Not to mention it will never ever have to be in the landfill. This one's a win for everyone!

Best Gift for Open Water Swimmers

For those that love the freedom of an open water swim and spend their free time and weekends training for their next tri, visit BlueSeventy for a wetsuit or goggles… or both! 

Since they entered the market in 1993, BlueSeventy has been a leader in swim apparel and goggles. Anyone who swims regularly will feel the enhanced experience from the sheer quality of BlueSeventy products. 

That Gift You Might Want to Keep for Yourself

You know that feeling when you're wrapping a present, but at the same time, you're thinking, "I sure hope someone's wrapping one of these for me, too,"? This is one of those gifts. Our Pro Percussion Gun is a holiday gift that literally everyone can use.

Sure, it's a brilliant recovery tool. But the adjustable settings and six different attachments also make it the ideal gift for someone that experiences regular muscle soreness. It's also beneficial to add percussion therapy to a pre-workout routine as a way to activate muscles.  

Gift Ideas for the Cyclists

Our Speed Hound crew is always along for the ride when it comes to cycling! These products are some of our favorites. We couldn't do a gift guide and not give a special shoutout to these:

  • Our cycling kits are created with everyday athletes in mind. We offer a few different styles with various materials. These are innovative holiday gifts for anyone that rides.
  • The Rudy Project is one of our go-to's for helmets, but they've recently launched two fresh releases from one of our favorite and most trusted brands.
  • Because we like to give you options, we're also putting the Specialized Evade helmets here on our holiday gift list. These are great for everyday rides but also have cooling technology, so they're ideal for gifting anyone that rides in higher temps.

Gifts the Everyday Athlete Can Use Every Day

We've also gathered gift ideas that are fantastic for everyday athletes and aspiring everyday athletes. The next gift ideas in our guide are thoughtful and useful, so you can't go wrong with any of these.

  • Rudy Project offers sunglasses for sport and sunglasses for life… and both make incredible gifts. These Italian-crafted shades are created for living life to the fullest.
  • Give the gift of time! The Coros Pace 2 watch has a ton of power, but is one of the most lightweight watches on the market. It has a long battery life, so it's ideal for those that like to focus on their personal best without having to pause and charge.
  • Shoes are quite possibly the most important "equipment" for runners. We have Speed Hound team members who can't live without their Hoka Mach 5s. These are cushioned for max comfort while running but also look great for everyday wear.
  • Our lifestyle apparel is comfortable for workouts or just regular day-to-day living. Our t-shirts and sweatshirts are made for all humans! Not only are they soft and flattering, but they're also pretty stylish, too.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Finding quality holiday gifts that are small enough to fit in a stocking is always challenging. The keyword here is "quality." We absolutely love these stocking stuffers because they're useful!

  • Outway socks come in all shapes and sizes. These socks are built for comfort and performance and will no doubt be a much-appreciated gift.
  • Who can crush tomorrow without coffee or tea? Nobody! That's why we created our "Make the Impossible Possible" camper mug. It keeps morning bevs warm while giving a motivational boost.
  • Speed Hound gift cards are the easiest gift to give. There’s always that one person who prefers to pick out their own gift, so make it easy on yourself and go the gift card route!

At The Speed Hound, we’re committed to helping everyday athletes achieve the impossible. We’ve created tools to promote an active lifestyle through fitness and recovery. Visit our website to shop holiday gifts for the everyday athletes in your life… but don’t be surprised if you find a few things you love, too. It’s okay to shop for yourself, we won’t judge.