The Skinny v2
February 13, 2018

The Skinny v2

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I'm finally recovered from a cold I caught while in Maui - I know, sympathy points...Can't wait to get back out there and train!  Here's your second edition of the Skinny with some interesting happenings:

1/ Zwift running:

Believe it or, it's finally here!  Zwift has been known as an AWESOME social indoor cycling environment that has really changed the game and breathed a whole new life into indoor cycling.  So much so that people who own "dumb" trainers are upgrading to "smart" trainers in droves to take advantages of the various benefits of using Zwift (guilty as charged!).  One of which is the automation of the change in resistance so you can just concentrate on riding in Watopia (Zwift's made up island).  Ok, some of you are like, "I've already been using it."  You're right as well. Zwift Running had been in testing mode for the last two years but it's now finally a feature that is official. The only piece of equipment you need is some kind of sensor that sends running metrics to Zwift so it's reflected in the virtual environment (oh, and a treadmill). Here's where there's an important difference between Zwift Cycling and Running. In Running mode, the communication is only one way.  What that means is the sensor talks to Zwift but Zwift does not talk to the sensor or the treadmill to control speed or elevation.  So in a way, it's like using Zwift Cycling with a dumb trainer, which by the way, many people still do.  The technology absolutely exists to be able to control the treadmill but there's a lot of liability in controlling the treadmill in situations where the runner may not be able to handle the speed/elevation and falls off.  Will we ever get there?  I hope so and will be the first willing to pay more for that!  Speaking of paying, Zwift Running is free for now, so signup before that changes.

2/ Milestone Pod:

We have a two-fer today.  For those of you who are interested in measuring your running metrics or want to use Zwift Running, you'll need to wear some kind of sensor on you.  These sensors have a wide range of things that it measures and hence have a wide range of pricing.  Just to list a few, there's Stryd, Garmin, Timex, Polar on the footpod side, and there's heart rate straps and watches that can also give you some of these measurements.  I chose the Milestone Pod for myself because of the value and function that is packed in a small package.  Amazon usually has it at $29.95 but most places are out of stock right now.  New stock expected sometime in April.  Certain online stores may have it in stock for around $50.  I'll be posting a review of this pod soon.  Which one do you have and how do you like it?


That's all folks.  Have a great rest of the week.  Happy Valentine's Day too!



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