Speed Hound Announces Partnership with Dare2Tri
March 08, 2022

Speed Hound Announces Partnership with Dare2Tri

Menlo Park, CA (March 7, 2022)-  Earlier today, The Speed Hound announced their collaboration with Dare2Tri, an organization focused on breaking down barriers to make fitness accessible for all, regardless of physical ability. “Our brand’s mission are well aligned and Speed Hound is beyond thrilled to be joining forces with Dare2Tri in the quest to equalize sports and fitness,” said Sam Chi, Founder and CEO of The Speed Hound.

Although the official partnership is new, it’s been in the works since Sam met co-founder and director, Dan Tun, of Dare2Tri at the Clash Daytona event. The collaboration is a natural fit, with both The Speed Hound and Dare2Tri sharing the vision to provide the resources for everyday athletes to cross the finish line and realize their fitness goals. Some Dare2Tri athletes have already been using Speed Hound’s FREEDOM bike travel case, it’s a perfect travel solution for handcycles. 

Much of the mission behind Dare2Tri is founded within the community they’ve created as an adaptive sports organization. Dare2Tri hosts a variety of events, some directly fitness-related like clinics and camps, while others are geared toward strengthening bonds within the community, like the paralympic watch party. And this year, The Speed Hound will be available for many of these events.

The partnership is supported by individuals like Robert Anthony, a The Speed Hound and Dare2Tri athlete:

"Our community of multi-sport has changed my life, I am a The Speed Hound Athlete & Dare2Tri Athlete. To know both of these amazing organizations are partnering to inspire and create a platform for others is exciting!” 

With so many Dare2Tri athletes overcoming physical challenges, recovery is a big part of the events. The Speed Hound will fund the recovery efforts by donating their Pro Performance Recovery Systems for Dare2Tri athletes to use on-site during their programs. Dare2Tri doesn’t just focus on programs for paratriathletes, they also host events like ambulatory run clinics and even adaptive sports clinics for children. 

Dare2Tri does have several programs that are geared towards paratriathletes, just like their name says. These include multisports clinics, the Train2Race camp, and Learn2Tri camp. And we can’t leave out the Kids Tri camp! As you can see, Dare2Tri is zeroed in on adaptive sports and fitness for all, and The Speed Hound is ready to join their efforts.

Speed Hound is a leading recovery brand that leveraged dynamic compression technology used in hospital settings and applied it to sports recovery.  Its Pro Performance Recovery System is an advancement over prior systems by offering a wider range of adjustable settings such as pressure while striking the right balance with ease of use. With zone toggles that allows more targeted therapy, this recovery system can be tailored to each Dare2Tri athlete’s needs, leading to a more personalized and effective recovery experience.

In addition to financial and product support, The Speed Hound will be lending a hand during events for athlete support and supplement fundraising efforts. 

About Dare2Tri

Dare2tri is an Illinois-based 501(c)3 non-for-profit organization with the mission to enhance the lives of individuals with physical disabilities and visual impairments by building confidence, community, health and wellness through swimming, biking, and running.

Since its 2011 inception, Dare2tri has encouraged recreation, racing, and competition in this trifecta of sports, while also cultivating a sense of community for all athletes, who are not labeled by physical ability, but rather their determination and will to succeed.

Dare2tri empowers athletes of all ability levels from beginner to elite to be physically active, engaged with their community, and set and reach goals. We transform lives by boosting individuals’ self-esteem, confidence, and self-worth.

About The Speed Hound

Founded in 2016 by Ironman triathlete and physical therapist Sam Chi, The Speed Hound is a California based sports performance company with a mission to unleash the potential of everyday athletes by providing professional quality products at accessible price points. Over 100,000 customers trust the broad categories of The Speed Hound products which includes recovery products, performance apparel, swimming and cycling equipment. 

The flagship recovery product is the Pro Performance Recovery System which accelerates muscle recovery through dynamic compression, in a package that is highly customizable and easy to use.  This system is used by professional athletes, physical therapists, chiropractors, athletic trainers, coaches, teams, and of course, everyday athletes.  Visit The Speed Hound website for more information and be part of our journey by following us on Instagram.